Game Rules

Fantasy Race to Dubai is the official fantasy golf game of the European Tour.

This page tells you everything you need to know about how the game works. Click the headings to open the relevant section that you require information on.

Select a team of six golfers for each week of the 2021 European Tour schedule, starting with the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship (21-24 January 2021). Your team will then accumulate points based on the official Race to Dubai points earned by your players in the 2021 European Tour events.

The game works in the same way as the 2019 game. 

Key game information is as follows:

  • Select a team of six golfers
  • From your chosen six players, nominate a captain (no vice-captain).
  • Your captain will have his points doubled 

You can make unlimited changes up until 00:00 BST/GMT* on the first day of each tournament in order to make sure you have a team full of players competing in each event.

* Exceptions apply, see Team Changes section.

The game also offers an 'Auto-Replacement' function (switched on as default – this can be changed in your Game Settings here). When enabled, the system will check your team at around midday the day before the tournament starts and will automatically replace any players in your team who are not competing in the next tournament, with a random players who are. This will reduce your chances of missing out on points even if you're unable to change your team but please be sure to check your team after replacements are made to be sure you are happy with your new selections. Changes cannot be made after the deadline passes.

To play the game you first need to register a My European Tour account. You can do so by clicking Register in the game menu.

This will to take you to the My European Tour registration process and, upon completion of this process, you will be redirected back to the game.

If you already have a My European Tour Account, just click Login in the game menu. This will take you to the My European Tour login page and, after logging into your account, you will be redirected back to the game.

On your first visit to the game, after you have logged in, you will be asked to enter your team.

The process for selecting your team is as follows:

Step 1: Select your six players

To select your players simply click the ‘+’ icon on the empty spaces in your team.

This will load the list of players who are competing in the upcoming tournament. You can filter this list with the dropdowns and also use the magnifying glass to search for a player by name*.

If you decide you want to remove a player you have chosen and pick someone else, just click the ‘x’ icon next to their name and you will be able to add another player instead.

*Please note: The list of available players will only show European Tour members who are included in the Entry List for the next event of the 2021 European Tour calendar. If you cannot find a player on this list, it means that either they are not in the Entry List for the next event or they are not a European Tour member (and therefore not available to select on the game).

Autocomplete Team

If you want to choose your team quickly, or you don't know which players to choose, you can also click the ‘Autocomplete’ button and your team selections will be generated randomly from the list of available players.

When you are happy with your six players, click the Submit button.

Step 2: Give your team a name

When you enter your first ever team into the game, you will need to give it a name.

Your team can be called anything you like, but please be aware that team names of an abusive or offensive nature will not be accepted and can lead to you being banned from the game completely.

Team names can be changed later by clicking the Edit icon next to your team name on the My Team page, and updated directly in this space.

Step 3: Choose your captain

The final decision to make before confirming your team is to choose your team’s captain.

All points scored by your designated captain will be doubled, so, make sure you pick the right player!

You will be able to change your captain every week when you update your team for the next event.

After you have completed these steps, simply click Submit. This will save your team in the game.

Each user is only allowed to pick ONE team, irrespective of whether you have more than one valid email address. Users found to have submitted more than one team may have all of their teams disqualified from the game.

In general, team changes can be made from 11:00 GMT/BST on Monday until shortly before the first tee time of the tournament on Thursday* . Team changes made in this period will take effect for that week's event (including unlimited changes to your captain). Teams are locked and further changes are not possible after the team changes deadline has passed.

The team changes deadline is clearly displayed underneath the tournament name at the top of the ‘My Team’ page, so please check this space if you are ever unsure of the current week's team changes deadline.

* Due to the global nature of the Tour, events will take place in different timezones. This means that on certain occasions the team changes deadline is before 00:00 GMT/BST on Thursday so users should make any final changes on Wednesday afternoon/evening. In contrast, the team changes deadline for events taking place in the USA (e.g. Masters Tournament, US Open and US PGA Championship) is likely to be closer to 12:00 GMT/BST on Thursday.

As previously advised, be sure to check the deadline each week on the My Team page.


Please note:

  • If you have replaced your captain, please make sure you select a suitable replacement to assume the role.
  • Your team selections are those which have been saved in our database so please check the ‘My Team’ page immediately after you have made your transfers - and in the siatuations where auto-replacements have been made to your team - to make sure your team is set-up as you intended. We cannot retrospectively change your team after the team changes deadline passes.
  • Please note: If one of your players withdraws from an event after the team changes deadline has passed you will not get a replacement player and we cannot make changes to your team in this scenario. This player simply will not score points for that particular event.

The game also offers an ‘Auto-Replacement’ function to reduce your chances of suffering from a missed opportunity to score points.

This function is a great tool to have switched on if you are worried about forgetting to update your team for each tournament. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. At 12:00 GMT/BST on the day before the start of each tournament, the system will check your team to see if it contains any players who are not in that week's next tournament’s Entry List
  2. If the system finds any players of this nature, it will replace them with a random selection of players who are in the Entry List for the next tournament
  3. You will then receive an email notification to tell you that some Auto-Replacements have been made to your team, and which players are now in your team.

Please Note:

If you receive an email to say that auto-replacements have been made to your team, please make sure you check your team BEFORE the week's team changes deadline (this deadline - date & time - is specified on the My Team page).

If you are not happy with the Auto-Replacement selections made by the system, you are free to make as many additional changes as you require before the team changes deadline to ensure that you are 100% happy with your team.

We cannot help users who are unhappy with their replacements and have missed the deadline for making further changes, and will not respond to queries of this nature. If you do not want your team to be subject to auto-replacements you can switch the feature off, here.

Late Withdrawals

Please note: The Auto-Replacement process runs only once - normally at midday GMT the day before the tournament.

However, it is still possible that players can withdraw between this time and the team changes deadline for the tournament. As such, you will not get auto-replacements for players who withdraw after the auto-replacement process has run.

To be absolutely clear, for any withdrawals that are announced after the auto-replacement process has run, it is the sole responsibility of the user to stay up to date on withdrawals and make changes to their team before the team changes deadline. 

Likewise, if a player withdraws after the team changes deadline, users will not receive a replacement for this player.

Turning off Auto-Replacements

The ‘Auto-Replacement’ function is switched ON as default, but you can switch it 'Off' in your game Game Settings here if you do not want to use it.

The game’s scoring system is simple.

Each week, your team of six golfers will score points in the game based on the official Race to Dubai points they earn in the 2021 European Tour tournaments (not prize money – which differs in certain matchplay events and the Final Series), starting with the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship (21-24 January 2021).


  • Points earned by your captain will be doubled (x2)

Private Leagues are leagues that you create just for you and your friends, so that you can have your own mini competition and leaderboard.

Creating a Private League

To create a league, simply click ‘Private League’ in the Game Menu. You will then see a section called ‘Create Leagues’.

Type a name for your league in the text area for this section and, when you are happy, click the ‘Create’ button.

This creates your league. You are then referred to as the ‘League Chairman’.

Promoting/sharing your Private League

When you have created your league, you will automatically land on the Promote section of your league.

From here, you can either invite your friends directly using the form provided - entering their first name and email address before clicking ‘Email PIN’, which will send them a personalised email with a link to join your league - or click the social links to share your league on Facebook or Twitter.

Your league has a unique PIN, which appears in a green box on your league page.

If you want to share your league in another way (i.e. send it to some friends by text or WhatsApp) then you will need to give them a link to the game and this PIN, so that they can find your league.

Accepting applications to your Private League

When someone joins your league, you will receive an email and a notification on the website.

Click the notification and it will take you to the league page (the ‘Join Requests’ tab) where you can either accept or reject that person into your league.

League Options

There are a number of ways you can change the settings for your league, as follows:

New application alerts

By default, when a user applies to join your league you will receive an email to alert you. If you turn this ‘Off’ you will not be notified when someone joins your league.

League open?

You can close your league to new entries (i.e. no more people will be able to join your league) by switching this setting to ‘Off’. By default the setting is ‘On’, which means people will still be able to join your league.

Approve join requests?

By default, you will need to accept or reject an application to join your league, meaning that you can make sure that only people who you know are in your league.

However, there may be occasions where you want a more open league, allowing anyone in the game to join, even if you don’t know them. In this case, you might want to switch this setting to ‘No’. This would mean that if someone joined your league you would not need to approve them, they would just instantly become a league member.

Allow members to send invites

By default, this setting is switched to ‘Yes’, which allows members of your league to invite their friends to join, too, via the ‘Promote’ section of the league.

If you want to be the only person allowed to use the ‘Promote’ section of the league, then switch this setting to ‘No’.

Finding and joining another Private League

If you want to apply to join another league then simply click ‘Private League’ in the Game Menu. You will then see a section called ‘Find League’.

Joining a Private League with the PIN

If you already have the league PIN, then choose the ‘By PIN’ tab and enter the PIN into the search area. If the PIN is recognised you will see the league in the results underneath.

To join a league, click the league in the search result.

This will take you to the league page, where you will see the ‘Join League’ button.

Click this button and you will then be re-directed back to the Private League Dashboard, where you will see the league you have applied to join under ‘My Leagues’.

If the Chairman has set the league as open, then you will now be a member (and will see a green ‘Member’ sign under Status).

More likely, though, is that you will need to wait for the League Chairman’s approval before you become a member. In this instance you will see a ‘Pending’ message under Status.

When the League Chairman accepts your application, you will receive a notification by email and also in the main website menu. You are now a member of the league.

Joining a league without the PIN

If you don’t have the PIN or can’t remember it, then you can try searching for your friend’s league by using their name.

To do this, choose the ‘By Username’ tab and enter your friend’s name into the search area. If the name is recognised you will see the league in the results underneath.

To join the league, click the league in the search result. This will take you to the league, where you will see the ‘Join League’ button. Click this button.

The rest of the process is the same as described in the above section (‘Joining a Private League with the league PIN’).

Emailing your Private League

As a League Chairman, you might find times when you want to send a message to everyone playing in your league - to stoke up the competition, encourage banter, praise the best teams in the league or maybe even remind your friends of any prizes that you might be offering.

Within the league, there is a tool that allows you to do this.

When on your league page, click ‘League Options’ and under ‘Message Your League’ write your message to your league members. Then click ‘Email League’.

Your message will then be emailed to all the members in your league, and they will also be able to read it in the Notifications area of the website.

League members can stop receiving emails from the league Chairman by going to ‘League Options’, changing the setting for ‘League Chairman Emails’ to ‘Off’ and then clicking ‘Update’.

With Head-to-Heads, you can play against individual friends in a tournament-by-tournament contest where your team plays their team.

If you score more points than them in a given week, you win, and you will go 1-0 up against your friend.

The aim is to have a weekly challenge with individual friends and then see who has won more weeks at the end of the season.

To set-up a Head-to-Head (often you will see this described as H2H) against a friend, first click the ‘H2H’ option in the Game Menu.

Setting up a H2H

To set up a Head-to-Head (often you will see this described as H2H) against a friend, first click the ‘H2H’ option in the Game Menu.

Then click the ‘Set-up’ option in the H2H menu and then you will be given the option to set up a ‘Series’, or a ‘One-Off’ challenge.

  • A ‘Series’ challenge sets you and your friend to play each other automatically every week, starting with the week in which you are setting up the challenge.
  • A ‘One-Off’ challenge will set up the challenge to take place only for just the week in which you are setting up the challenge. You will be able to re-challenge your friend again in the future but it will not do so automatically.

So, if you want to play your friend more than once, we recommend choosing a ‘Series’ challenge.

Once you have chosen the type of H2H game you want to play, you can challenge a friend to accept the challenge in a number of different ways, including:

  • (On the ‘Search Game Users’ tab) Select from a list of users in your Private League.
  • (On the ‘Search Game Users’ tab) Use the search box to find a friend in the game by name
  • (On the ‘Email Invitations’ tab) Email a system-generated invitation directly to a friend.

Please note: You can challenge multiple friends to play in this process and you do not have to repeat these steps for each friend you wish to challenge.

When you have sent your challenges, each user you have invited will receive their challenge invitation via an on-site notification and an email.

From there, they can choose to accept/reject the challenge.

If they accept, the challenge begins!

Other Head-to-Head information

‘My Challenges’ shows all of your ‘active’ challenges for the current week (i.e. all challenges that have been accepted), while ‘Pending Challenges’ shows any challenges that are waiting to be accepted before you can begin.

If you click the view icon (it looks like an eye) on an individual challenge in your Active Challenges list, you will be able to see the current tournament your score versus your opponent’s team.

‘Challenge History’ shows you all of your challenges and the score (i.e. tournaments won, lost or drawn) overall and for each person you have played against.

If you click the individual challenge on the 'Challenge History' page, you will who is winning and also see a breakdown of who has won each tournament.

Whenever someone challenges you to a Head-to-head, you will receive a notification in the site menu to tell you about it, and you must approve all challenges you receive on the ‘Challenge Requests’ page before the challenge will begin.

If you receive a challenge that you do not want to play, click ‘Reject’. There is also a ‘Block User’ button if another user is persistently sending you challenges that you do not want to play.

You can stop a H2H Series, but cannot do this once a tournament is in progress. To stop a series click the ‘X’ icon on the challenge, either in ‘My Challenges’ or ‘Challenge History’.

If you want to change any of the email notifications you receive from the game about Head-to-Heads, please do so in your Game Settings.