Below you will find responses to some of the questions most frequently asked about the game. If you require further information about any of the game’s functionality, the Game Rules page will give you a detailed breakdown.

What web browser should I use for the best experience of playing the game?

The best experience of playing the game in a web browser will be with the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you have to use Internet Explorer as your browser, please make sure you have downloaded the latest version. Click here to download.

The game doesn’t load properly or I cannot use the browsers recommended above

If you cannot download the latest versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and you are experiencing issues, then we suggest checking your internet settings within your browser. Click the ‘Security’ tab and check the level of security.

If your security settings are too high, cookies and/or JavaScript may automatically be blocked by the browser, which can lead to a poor experience of playing the game (e.g. pages not loading properly or your browser automatically logging you out). So make sure that JavaScript and cookies are both enabled.

As the website is built with an adaptive design and mobile site, this means that if you are having problems on your computer (perhaps due to high internet security settings in your office), you can still play the game on your mobile or tablet.


I want to change my account details such as my email address or password

The game is integrated with your 'My European Tour' user account so if you want to change your account details (such as your email address or your password), then, assuming you have already logged in, you should click here to visit your profile page on the My European Tour website, where you can edit your personal details.

I’ve forgotten my password to My European Tour account. What do I do?

Click here to go the Lost Password page on the My European Tour website, where you can reset your password.

How do I change my Avatar/profile picture being used on the game?

When you enter your team, you will be given a default avatar (profile picture).

This appears in the Game Menu (on desktop), and also next to your name/team name in the leaderboards and any Head-to-Head challenges that you set up with your friends.

You can change your default avatar on the ‘Game Settings’ page, which you can find in the Game Menu.

Please note: The Game Menu does NOT refer to the blue ‘My European Tour’ menu at the very top of the page. It refers to the second menu you see underneath, which contains a profile icon, a notification icon and – when expanded – the links to the various pages on the game like My Team, Leaderboards etc.

If you are using a desktop computer, the Game Settings page can be found by clicking your current avatar in the Game Menu and then choosing the ‘Game Settings’ option in the dropdown. If you are using a mobile device, just click the profile icon in the Game Menu, which will take you to the Game Settings page.

On the Game Settings page, select the option ‘Choose Avatar’.

This will display a small selection of default avatar icons which you can choose from. Alternatively, you can import your Facebook profile picture by choosing that option. The system will then ask you to authenticate your game account with Facebook in order to be granted permission to use this profile photo.


I want to stop receiving emails relating to my Private League

If you want to stop receiving emails when someone applies to join your Private League, or don’t want to receive emails when your League Chairman sends a group message, then simply log in and go to the Private League.

You can change your preferences for these emails within League Options.

I want to stop receiving emails relating to my Head-to-Heads and other reminders

You can also stop receiving certain emails that relate to your Head-to-Head challenges, auto-replacement and a few other game reminders.

To do this, simply go to the ‘Game Settings’ page and amend your email preferences under the ‘Email Preferences’ section, then click ‘Update’.

To visit the ‘Game Settings’ page, simply login and click your profile icon in the Game Menu (when on the desktop site, this is underneath your name and avatar and on a mobile/tablet it is an icon that looks like a small person). 

‘Game Settings’ is in the dropdown.

I want to receive the game alert emails and have not opted out via my email preferences, but I still do not see them in my inbox.

It may be the case that the emails have been filtered out as possible spam by your email provider or individual email account settings. Check your junk or spam email folder.

If you find the email in one of these folders then most email clients will give you the option to ‘mark this sender as safe’ or ‘whitelist’ the sender.

Select this option and you should start receiving the emails to your inbox.

If you are still not receiving the emails, then ask your email client or network administrator to whitelist the following sender: noreply@engagecraft.com

How do I register?

First you need to register a 'My European Tour' game account.

To do so, click ‘Register’ in the Game Menu and you will be redirected to the My European Tour website to complete a simple online registration process.

When you have completed this process, you will be redirected back to the game and asked to select your team.


How many teams can I enter into the game?

Only one team per user is allowed, irrespective of whether you have more than one valid email address.

Please note: Entrants suspected of operating multiple accounts risk having all of their teams removed from the game.

How do I select my team?

After you have registered or logged in to your 'My European Tour' account, you will be redirected back to the game and prompted to select your team.

You will need to select a team of six players and then choose a captain from the 6 players you have chosen.

For the full description of how to select your team, click here to follow the process described in the Select Team section of the Game Rules page.

How often can I change my team, and how many players can I change at any one time?

Unlimited changes to your team and captain are available between 11:00 GMT/BST on a Monday and the deadline for the next tournament (normally 00:00 GMT/BST on the day that the event is scheduled to begin, although there are exceptions).

What are Auto-Replacements and how do they work?

For a full description of auto-replacements and how they work, view the ‘Auto-Replacements’ section on the Game Rules page.

Can I switch off Auto-Replacements?

The ‘Auto-Replacements’ function is switched ON as default, but you can switch it OFF in your game Game Settings if you do not want to use it.

However, it is strongly advised to keep it on to ensure that you still have a full complement of active players in the case of failing to change your team between events.

What is the cut-off deadline for selecting/changing my team in advance of a tournament?

In general, team changes can be made from 11:00 GMT/BST on Monday until 00:00 GMT/BST on Thursday* to take effect for that week's event (including unlimited changes to your captain), after which time team changes for that event will be locked.

* The team changes deadline for events commencing before 00:00 GMT/BST on Thursday is likely to be on Wednesday afternoon/evening. For events commencing after 12:00 GMT/BST on Thursday (e.g. Masters Tournament, US Open and US PGA Championship) the team changes deadline is likely to be 12:00 GMT/BST on Thursday.

The team changes deadline will always be clearly displayed underneath the tournament name at the top of the ‘My Team’ page, so please check this space if you are ever unsure of the current week's deadline.

For more information please see the ‘Change Your Team’ section of the Game Rules page.

What time each week am I able to select my team for the next tournament?

Unless you have opted out from receiving it, you will receive an email to tell you when you can select your team each week.

In general, Team Selection for each tournament opens at 11:00 GMT/BST on the Monday following the completion of the previous tournament (with the vast majority of tournaments finishing on the Sunday).

When are Auto-Replacements made before each tournament?

Auto-Replacements are made at 12:00 GMT/BST on the day before the tournament is scheduled to start, most often on Wednesday.

Please note: If one of your players withdraws from an event after the Auto-Replacement process has run, you will not get a replacement player and we cannot make changes to your team in this scenario. This player simply will not score points for that particular event.