Private Leagues

Private Leagues are your chance to take on friends, family and colleagues in a separate mini-leaderboard, away from the game's overall leaderboard. Don't worry though, your team will still compete for prizes in the game's overall leaderboard at the same time. Before you can join or create a Private League, you must have already set up your Fantasy Golf team.

How do I create a new Private League?

To set up your own Private League, simply click on the PRIVATE LEAGUE button from your team screen and follow the instructions.

You will be sent a Private League PIN for your league, which you can send out to anyone who you want to be in your league. They will need this PIN (and to have created a team of their own) in order to join your league.

Why not give our free 'Challenge A Friend' email service a whirl and goad your mates into joining? Our pre-written emails will throw down the gauntlet to all your golfing buddies! Simply enter the email addresses of those you want to challenge (you can only invite five friends at a time but there is no limit to the number you can have in your league) and hit SUBMIT - it couldn't be easier!

How do I join an existing Private League?

If you already know a Private League Chairman, ask them for their Private League PIN. Once you have this, click on the PRIVATE LEAGUE button from your own team screen, and on the following screen, scroll down to 'Join an Existing League'. You will then be able to enter the League PIN that you have been given by the Chairman to become part of the league, but will be a pending member until the Chairman formally accepts you into the league.

Please note that you can be a member of two or more Private Leagues with the same team.

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