Team Changes

Team changes and star player changes are unlimited prior to the first counting event - the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship - at 03:20 GMT on Thursday, 15 January.

After this time, entrants are then permitted to make unlimited team changes and unlimited star player changes each week - from 00:00 GMT/BST on Monday until the first scheduled tee-time.

The vast majority of tournaments run from Thursday to Sunday (but timings vary based on time differences), although the following events are scheduled to start on Wednesday:

Commercial Bank Qatar Masters (21-24 January)
WGC - Cadillac Matchplay (29 April-3 May)

If there are two events taking place in the same week, the window for team/star player changes will be closed once the first of these tournaments is underway.

If there is no event during a given week, the window for team/star player changes will be extended right through to the following week.

Please note that if you are making multiple team changes which involves transferring out your star player, it is not necessarily the case that your required star player will directly replace the previous star player. In such cases, a subsequent star player change is required by clicking the 'Change Star Player' button on your team screen.

Please check your team screen carefully after making changes as there is nothing that can be done in retrospect once an event is in progress.

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