Team Selection

Team selection is simple, albeit with an extra twist to previous years...

Select 10 players from the Fantasy Race To Dubai player list to represent your team - the players available for selection are full European Tour members in exemption categories 1-16a. There are no ranking or nationality restrictions - you can select the 10 players that you want!

Then, choose one of your team of 10 to be your star player - this player's prize money will be doubled.

The competition gets underway with the Volvo Golf Champions, so be sure to select your team before 08:00 GMT on Thursday, 9 January to ensure that your team starts accumulating money from the very first tournament. If you register once an event is in progress, your team will only begin to secure prize money from the tournament following your registration.

Don't worry if you're short of time - our Lucky Dip facility can select a team for you in an instant. With unlimited changes available before the first event, you can register your team today and then delay your final selections right up until the start of the Volvo Golf Champions if you wish.

After the first counting event, entrants are then permitted to make up unlimited team changes and unlimited star player changeseach week.

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